München: Zukunft für Nachhaltigkeit

The Future for Sustainable Built Environments with High Performance Energy Systems (München)

19.10.10 - 21.10.10

This conference about the future for sustainablebuilt environments and energy systemsintegrating a maximum amount of renewableenergies provides front-edge technologiesand solutions for buildings, communities andenergy supply. In addition to thepresentation of new results and technologiesthis is an opportunity for personal exchangewith participants from politics, researchinstitutions and industry. The conferencetherefore creates the chance for an openinterdisciplinary discussion on how to addressthe upcoming challenges of energy transition.

The presenters represent a broad portfolio ofcompetences in integrated energy solutions and giveinside information on the state of discussion in the fieldof buildings, communities and energy supply systems.The conference is the final event of the Annex 49 “LowExergy Systems for High-Performance Building andCommunities” which is part of the EnergyConservation in Buildings and CommunitiesProgramme of the International Energy Agency,carried out in close cooperation with the EuropeanCOSTeXergy project. 

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